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Life Lately: March 2016

This month has been a bit of blur to be honest, it has come and gone so fast. I don’t know how we are a quarter of a way through the year already. Here’s how we’ve been spending our time…


March has been a good month for books. Some time ago I backed a seasonal cookbook called Myrtlewood on Kickstarter. The wait is over, it’s here!! Everything about it is beautiful: the paper stock, the photography, the recipes themselves.

Myrtlewood cookbook cover

I also received a lovely late birthday present — The Herb and Flower cookbook. All the recipes have a floral or herbal twist: butternut squash and calendula mac and cheese, gooseberry and mint meringue pie, raspberry, rose and mint tiramisu to name a few. I want to eat everything.

Herb and flower cookbook


  • Thirteen: a tv series (on the BBC iPlayer) about a woman who escapes from a cellar after being trapped there for thirteen years
  • Fresh Meat
  • Walking Dead series 6: seems to be really uneventful or has you on the edge of your seat, there’s no inbetween
  • House of Cards series 4


Cinnamon bun
Swedish cinnamon buns
  • Swedish cinnamon buns: part of me wishes I’d not made them. Not because they are horrible, quite the opposite, they are too damn good! To make them more of a pudding than a snack, drench them in vanilla custard
  • Sauteed gnocchi in garlic: a lovely way to cook gnocchi
  • Celeriac and apple soup made with homegrown celeriac. I omitted the milk and added a swirl of cream to the bowl instead (just as delicious without though)


Pottery wheel
Photo credit: summerstars2

Pottery! Part of my hen doo this month was a pottery workshop; I had so much fun! I look like I know what I’m doing here but I was actually preying the clay didn’t fly off the wheel and all over my friends and family.


Growing season is a go! March has seen a few things ticked off the garden to-do list, one of the important being to bring compost indoors to warm up ready for sowing early seeds. So far I’ve sown peppers, chillies and sunflowers. We don’t have a greenhouse so starting seedlings off indoors is the next best thing.

Recycling seed pots
Seeds in pots

For anyone interested, I’ve discovered a great seed company called Real Seed Co. They are ethical suppliers of heirloom and heritage seeds, no hybrids or GM — making them perfect for seed saving.


Green house with white windows

We travelled to Oslo for a few days this month. The more we see of Nordic countries, the more we feel like we are living in the wrong country. I’m slowly writing up the best bits from our trip so you can visit the city from the comfort of your sofa: Botanical Garden Glasshouses and good food is Oslo.


Colourful flowers

Having the windows open — that sounds like a really boring thing to enjoy but I like being outdoors in the fresh air and having the house closed up over Winter to keep the heat in makes everything feel stuffy after a while. Open windows means we’ll soon be able to enjoy BBQs and eating dinner outdoors.

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4 comments on “Life Lately: March 2016

  1. Oh I hear you about having the windows open. I open the windows even in winter sometimes. I like getting the fresh air in 🙂

    Loving your seeds. I’m really behind with the garden sadly. Too much to do with the house.

    • We normally sleep with the window open a crack in the Winter but that’s about it. Don’t despair on the garden yet, there’s still lots of time.

  2. Hoorah to OPEN WINDOWS!!! I also love it. Hen do sounds fun – I hope the wedding plans are coming along nicely? X

    • Glad to hear it! Wedding plans are coming along well thanks, we’re both feeling quite relaxed about it — for now 🙂

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