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Norway in black and white

We set ourselves a photographic challenge in Norway — take one black and white photo each day on a disposable film camera. Digital photography provides the freedom to shoot as many photos as you like so we liked the idea of trying to capture a whole day in a single photo. And you can’t cheat with a film camera because the number of exposures is fixed.

We forgot to take a photo on a handful of occasions but for the most part, our mission was successful. Only a handful of photos were unusable and they were mostly ruined by stray fingers. Click on the individual photos if you would like to see a larger uncropped version:

“Sunshine in Oslo” was the first sunny day of our trip. Lots of people were sat outside, soaking up the sunshine with a warm drink. I love cold weather because the sun coming out really is something to celebrate. Nothing beats feeling the sun on your face when temperatures are below zero.

“Boat journey to Lofoten” is a scene from our amazing journey to the Lofoten islands.

“Bakery” is the place our morning buns came from. Kanelbullar for Scott and Skolebrød (Norwegian custard bun) for me. It was a cosy place with pots of daffodil bulbs arranged on rustic furntiure.

“Oslo tram” was a lucky shot. Scott saw it coming and snapped a photo in a bit of a hurry. The tram was moving quite quickly and the light was fading so we thought this one would end up as a blob. But we were pleasantly surprised!

Next time, I’ll use a roll of black and white film in a camera from our collection rather than a disposable camera — this was bought on a whim at the last minute.

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