Deer sitting in grass

Our deer friend

This pocket of greenery is our back garden for a little while. Although it looks miles from anywhere, there are actually several apartment buildings along the street. We are living in a city but the whole area feels quite wild thanks to the maze of trees and trails surrounding us.

Deer roaming through trees

Did you spot the deer in the photo above? Scott and I were walking home from the supermarket this morning, both overloaded with bags:

Scott: Look! There’s a deer!
We stand staring at the deer.
Scott: Is it real?
Me: There is no way that’s real, it hasn’t blinked or moved in a few minutes.
Scott: Maybe it’s a statue. Because everyone has a deer statue laying around.
Me: Bit weird.
We shuffle away.

A few hours later, we looked down from our balcony to find a deer sitting in the grass. It was real after all! In our defence, we were really effing tired! And we really weren’t expecting to see a deer stood a few metres away from us in a city.

Deer sat in spotted sunlight

Deer eating leaves

Deer cleaning itself

This is the closest I’ve been to a deer. It seemed quite happy for me to snap away while it went about its business — sitting in the shade, cleaning and nibbling leaves.

Deer sitting in grass

We keep looking over the balcony in case it comes back, but no luck yet. Hopefully it will visit again soon <3

2 comments on “Our deer friend

  1. oh wow! you got so close! i thought that we would see a lot of deer living here but we don’t! so strange. we have black bears though. only get to see deer in west virginia when visiting the inlaws

  2. Ah that’s amazing! Makes a change from the birds in the garden at home… mind you I bet deers eat more snacks 😉

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