Pollen on white flower

A garden update

Our garden has reached the point where I don’t need to fill gaps with annuals. Everything we planted four years ago has finally filled out and there is very little empty space. I am content with the space we have but also dreaming of the day we have more. Although we’re going to need something the size of Kew Gardens to accomodate everything I would like to do!

Purple aquilegia

The one aquilegia I planted has become four — three purple and one pink. I’m hoping the same will happen this year and I’ll have more of them to plant elsewhere in the garden. The bees will be happy.

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Calendula bud
Yellow flower bud

Calendula flowers close up at night (above) and open during the day. I grew this plant from seed which was a birthday gift from a friend, the year before last. I fancy making some calendula skin salve but I’m going to need more than one flower to do that! The saved seed I sowed got munched by the slugs so I’m pinning all my hopes on this one plant.

Bright yellow flower
Pale green petals
Leaves in the sunshine
Pollen on white flower

Getting the stamen in focus took me a while but it was worth it. I don’t have a macro lens so I force the lens I do have, to take a closeups the best I can 🙂

Large pink flowerhead

This peony was a tightly coiled bud until a few days ago, now look at it! It’s hard to believe a bud the size of a walnut can hold so many petals. I love everything about this plant, even the decay is something to look forward to.

Variegated petals
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3 comments on “A garden update

  1. Oh it’s so cool to see how the garden has filled out! We have a heap of aquilegias here, I never planted any though, they seems to double in numbers every year – at first I thought they were a pretty weed due to the fact that they just kept randomly springing up all over the place!

    Lots of tight peony buds in our local gardens, I’ve been stalking them daily but no joy yet – so nice to see one open.

    Even without a macro lens there’s a heap of detail there!

    Thanks for joining in Bacon Face xx

    • Gemma Evans

      I look back on photos from when we first moved in and the garden looked so empty in comparison! You’ve already got hydrangeas so it’s only fair I get open peonies 🙂

  2. it is such a happy and fulfilling feeling when a garden has grown into its own and all the hard work you have put in is finally paying off. absolutely beautiful Gemma!

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