Roses on wooden house

Snippets from Stockholm

Scott and I were chatting earlier and he said looking at Stockholm photos on my blog made him miss being there. And I do too, which is the perfect excuse to share a few more! This post is a mishmash of small moments from my phone and digital camera. Not all of these photos are perfect but they bring a smile to my face.

Chocolate cakes in bag

These little cakes are called Kladdkaka — the naughtiest, stickiest, brain meltingly good chocolate cake you will ever eat. Our local bakery got us hooked and then we discovered them for sale at the supermarket! Not quite as luxurious as the handmade versions from the bakery but they were only 50p each and we could run down and buy some on a whim at 8pm.

Dachshund in a cart
Dachshund in Stockholm

An old sausage dog being pulled along in a cart during a marathon. This person wins dog owner of the year.

Sunglasses on peach bellini
Peach bellini

The drink I ordered on the night we finished work, before our journey to Dalarna the next day. It didn’t come with sunglasses unfortunately. Peach bellinis are the drink I discovered through a concussion and they have become a strong favourite. I’ll always order one if I see it on a drinks menu.

Hare in bush
Hare in our neighbourhood
Subway tunnelmade from stone
Solna Centrum subway station

Solna Centrum subway station was one of the best — yes we are nerds. Stone walls kept the cold air in and the heatwave out. It was like being in a fridge.

Large daisies
Oxeye daisies
Oranges in cafe window
Cafe Schweizer Konditori

Our last visit to this cafe during Winter involved defrosting our faces with giant bowls of hot chocolate and feasting on hot food. I’m not joking when I say bowls by the way, they were huge.

Thai takeaway interior
Banthai restaurant

Banthai was a Thai takeaway just around the corner from our apartment. Unfortunately, we didn’t call in until our second to last night when we bought a takeaway picnic and ate by the water. We wished we hadn’t left it so long because the owners were lovely and the food was delicious.

Blue and orange sunset
Alvik sunset

The water was a stones throw from our apartment and we looked out over this sunset the day after arriving. I remember standing here and thinking “we finally made it”.

Roses on wooden house

Looking back on these photos leaves a sinking feeling in my stomach because I miss adventuring in Sweden but I’m also incredibly happy we experienced so much. Perhaps we’ll have the chance to do it again one day, fingers crossed.

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