Old wooden house with small door

Snippets from Visby

Aside from hiking to Sjalsö, the rest of our time on Gotland was centred around Visby innerstad. I ended up with a few random photos, so this post is a collection of moments captured on my phone and camera, in no particular order.

Closeup of book pages

Woman stood on sundeck of ship
Arriving on Gotland
Sea and rooftop view through window
Hotel room view <3
Floral campervan
Tulips in the sun
Visby tulpaner

We usually visit Gotland earlier or later in the year, once the main tourist season is over. I appreciate I say that as a tourist myself! Visiting in May meant so much more colour than we’re used to; lots of tulips and other Spring bulbs.

Small flowers growing out of a wall
Linaria cymbalaria
Stepped archway
Visby Domkyrka Sankta Maria
Old wooden house with small door
I’ll take this one!

We walked around Visby innerstad picking houses to live in, if availability and money were no object. I really liked this tiny blue one!

Man building stone stack
Senstapel in progress!

A little beach time. Me looking for sea glass, Scott building pebble stacks or skimming rocks over the sea.

Stone stack on rock
Plants on windowsill

Pelargoniums on windowsills is very Swedish indeed, and something I love seeing in so many properties. It’s almost as much a part of the “national uniform” as black clothing. I recently discovered a term called pelargonsjuka that roughly translates to pelargonium sickness, that’s jokingly used describe people who are obsessed with these plants. Pretty sure I fall into this category.

Man stood on cabin veranda

Old Volvo parked in a street

Woman sitting on a bench smiling

Pot of ice cream and cup of tea
Gute Glass

H10 Cafe is one of our favourite places to stop for a pick-me-up. Partly because it’s attached to a shop full of outdoor gear. They have plenty of sweet treats for fika and a tea station stocked with Kränku tea.

Honey stall
Åminne honung
Jars of honey on table
Gotland honung
Bike parked outside cafe
Café på Tranhusgatan
Wooden restaurant interior
Visby crêperie and logi
Man stood on rocks in the sea
Spot the Scott

Retreating tide gave us a chance to walking along rocks usually hidden by the water. It felt like we were walking out to sea.

Rocks in calm sea

Fish and potatoes
Gamla Masters <3

We finally managed to get a table at a restaurant called Gamla Masters!! Not booking in advance is usually the deal breaker but we called in and managed to get the last drop in table. Classic meatballs for Scott, butter fried char for me. One of the best meals we’ve eaten in ages.

Old tile rooftops

Ornate wooden doorway

Bird standing in the sea

Already dreaming about going back!

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