Woman jumping next to sea

Visby to Själsö

Our latest Gotland adventure feels like such a long time ago already (it has only been a few weeks really). We were really looking forward to disconnecting from everyday life, and started counting down the days until we set sail, as soon as we’d booked the trip!

Calm blue sea
Havet vid Visby

Bright blue skies were just what we hoped for on the first morning, as we planned to spend a day walking along the coast from Visby to Själsö. The ocean was unbelievably calm; it was hard to see where the water ended and the sky began. Swans and small birds were fishing for breakfast amongst the rocks next to the sea wall.

Rocks lining coastal path
Visby strandpromenad
View of calm sea
Havet vid Visby

I have a penchant for collecting sea glass, so we scanned the pebbles for colourful treasure. Scott has a knack for finding blue pieces (the best of all).

Handful of sea glass

Man looking out to sea

The sun was surprisingly hot but we spent the day yo-yo’ing between feeling too warm, then too cold in the shade. We were overheating as we approached Snäck, which was the perfect place to stop and rest. You can’t really tell from these photos but we were stood on a concrete jetty (photo from a previous trip). There are two side by side, stretching out into the Baltic Sea. I love this place, especially on a moody day.

Woman jumping next to sea

I looked down at this turquoise water and couldn’t resist going in. Not fully, just a leg dip, as I didn’t have any swimwear with me. The water was freezing but it felt amazing once the first plunge was out of the way.

Ripples in clear sea water
Baltic Sea
Bright green plants in clear sea water
Baltic Sea
Cliff behind sandy beach

Snäckstranden feels like the last part of civilisation before the coastline becomes quieter and wilder. Off season, at least.

Man photographing coastline
Kustlinjen / coastline

These white stones are beautiful but they sure are blinding to look at on a sunny day. The entire coastline is peppered with them and one of the reasons I love the landscape so much.

Small green leaves in sand
Saltarv (seaside sandplant)
Clean bird skull on rock
Fågelskalle / bird skull
Nature reserve sign

We reached Brucebo naturreservat just in time for lunch. Scott managed to get all the way through when he last visited but I was blocked by cows. So I was pleased to see none at all this time!

Cluster of white flowers
Picnic bench overlooking the sea

This bench was our lunch spot. We sat watching the sea with a picnic — the sound of us chomping through a large bag of crisps was the only thing disturbing the peace.

Old bunker behind trees

Woman walking along pebble beach
Själsö hamn, photo by Scott Evans

We planned to head to a cafe around Själsö hamn in the afternoon but unfortunately, Scott realised it would close before we got there! Both on a bit of a calorie bonk, we decided to walk to Själsö Bageri for fika instead.

Sunlight on dried seaweed
Fishing yard from a distance
Själsö hamn / Själsö harbor
Painted letterbox
Själsö post
Bakery sign
Själsö Bageri

The roads around Själsö were very quiet, with only a few houses here and there. Själsö Bageri was busy though. You can see why, looking at this bread…

Fresh bread on racks
Själsö Bageri

We shared chocolate ice cream, a cardamom bun and some local strawberry juice. If you’re reading this from Sweden and haven’t tried Gute Glass yet, you must 🙂 I’ve made trying all the flavours my new mission.

Bun, ice cream and drink
Själsö Bageri
Man relaxing doors in chair
Själsö Bageri
Swedish flag
Svenska flaggan

Sugary fika came us extra energy for walking all the way back to Visby. We walked a total of 30,000 steps, mostly along pebbles. I didn’t really want the walk to end but we were going to one of our favourite restaurants for dinner, so that was good motivation to get back.

Pebble stack against sunset
Stenstapel / pebble stack

Later that evening, we watched the sun set from Strandpromenaden. We heard funny birds that sounded like amused old ladies, but no amount of Googling has helped me work out what they were. Maybe someone reading will know?

Man looking at the sunset

Colourful clouds in the sky

Sun sitting at horizon level

Visby always gives us amazing sunsets; a perfect end to the day!

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  1. I haven’t spotted Gute Glass around Stockholm – any tips on where to find it?

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