Snow falling outside

Life Lately, April 2020

Most of our time over the last two weeks has been spent indoors due to Coronavirus. The city isn’t on lockdown yet but people are being encouraged to stay in — so that’s exactly what we are doing. A quiet existence has been an opportunity to enjoy the apartment and just rest for a while.

Ginkgo leaf
Ginkgo leaves <3

I absolutely love this little Ginkgo tree. It has doubled in size over the last month and seems to be thriving on windowsill life and sunshine.

Outdoor thermometer
Outdoor thermometer — happy body.
Candles in home
Cosy evenings
Man playing games

Scott has been playing lots of GTA. The day wouldn’t be complete without the sound of police sirens and gun fire ricocheting around the living room. Halo: The Master Chief Collection is next on the list but I’m saving that for the day official lockdown arrives.

Candle flames in the dark
One for R, one for E.
Self portrait
Straighter hair

The air here is much drier than the UK. That and the heating at home has made my nose a bit bloody — I had the same problem in Salt Lake City. Going outside makes the natural curl drop out of my hair too and the longer I stay out, the straighter it gets.

3D printer
3D printing

We’ve been busy 3D printing visor frames for Swedish healthcare workers. I’m going to write a separate post about the process but for now, this is Scott checking the first layer of plastic had gone down without any issues.

Sun on daffodils

Sitting in the sun
Human sunflower

I recently read an article about Swedish people being a nation of sunflowers. People sit or stand with their eyes closed and turn their faces to the sun. I’ve even seen people have a conversation on the street while doing this; sunflowers are a nice comparison. This part of the living room is a sun trap so I’ve started sitting in the sun for a few minutes here and there. Especially as my MIL said vitamin D is important for the immune system! I had to remember how to use the self timer for this photo.

Cloud light on wall

Chocolate on chair
Easter gifts

Our first parcel from the UK! Easter chocolate, fudge, rhubrarb gin (that’s gone already oops) and a juicer. Thank you T&G!

Man photographing snow
Suprise snow flurry

Snow falling outside

More time indoors felt like a photography drought but I decided to use it as a challenge to document little bits and pieces of life at home. Something I hardly ever do.

Of course I’m looking forward to spending more time outside, breathing big lungfuls of air without worrying about germs, exploring the city, going out for meals, meeting people and hiking through forests. Until then, I’ll enjoy pyjama life indoors and embrace my inner cat by laying in sunny patches on the rug! And even though life is a little choppy right now, we still managed to get here and it already feels like home. I’m thankful for that every day.

2 comments on “Life Lately, April 2020

  1. These are such gorgeous images, I love the black and white and the snow flurries. The one of you soaking up the sun is so good too. Hope you are settling in okay. I too have been enjoying indoor photography and taking pictures of home, having been trying to pick my camera up at least once a day. Also, its so lovely that you are doing the visor printing – take care during this time.

    • Gemma Evans

      Thanks so much! We are settling in well, although I’m looking forward to this being over so we can properly start life here. Aiming to pick up the camera once a day is a good idea — gradually adjusting to finding things to photograph indoors. You take care and stay safe too 🙂

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