Closeup of leaves and berries

The First Wild Blueberries

One of my favourite times of year has arrived… wild blueberry season! I kept checking the bushes each time we visited the forest and the first berries were finally ready a couple of weeks ago. Yas!

We eat a million berries in the forest, save a few to eat fresh at home and freeze the majority for Winter. I mostly used them for blueberry porridge last year but I’d also like to make pies and jam this year. Plus they are excellent on waffles.

Green leaves
Wild blueberry bushes
Closeup of leaves and berries
Vild blåbär / wild blueberries

Woman picking blueberries

I looked back at the first blueberry photos from last year and realised I’d worn exactly the same outfit. Scott’s theory is that I need to dress like a blueberry to pick blueberries. The hat is to keep the sun off my head and ticks out of my hair.

I found a tick crawling down my leg in there (the second in a month). Luckily it hadn’t latched on and I later realised it was probably because our mosquito spray helps prevent tick bites. We’re TBE vaccinated but still don’t fancy a bite because they can also carry Lyme Disease, and we don’t want that either!

Plump blueberry
Svenska blåbär / Swedish blueberries

Fingers stained with purple juice

My mouth was as stained as my fingers.

Small red leaves

A handful of the people we’ve seen have nice foraging baskets but most reuse large yogurt pots with handles (so do we). We decant the berries into a tupperware box in my rucksack because neither of us fancy tripping over a tree root and spilling the whole lot on the floor. Which I’ve almost done a couple of times.

Tub filled with berries

Summer has been very hot and dry. Many of berries shrivelled before the rain arrived, and sat on bushes with scorched leaves. We managed to find a couple of good patches though.

Shrivelled blueberry
Shrivelled wild blueberry

Red leaves in hand

We walked up to one of our favourite lunch spots overlooking a lake — which is full of lily pads at this time of year. As you can see, the view is fantastic! So grateful to have places like this within walking distance of home.

Lily pad covered lake

Man sitting on rock

It was a really hot day so we stopped off for a wild swim on the way home. This was a new but excellent discovery…

People sat on jetty

The water felt amazing — pockets of warm and cool marbelled together. And I ended up nose to beak with a duckling! A group of them were paddling past and I stopped swimming so they didn’t get splashed or scared, then one of them came right up to my face. That was the closest I’ve ever been to a duckling and I can confirm they are even cuter close up.

Woman swimming

We’ll go blueberry picking many more times before Summer is over but the first pick of the year always feels the best! Hungry bear mode has been engaged.

5 comments on “The First Wild Blueberries

  1. Tina Evans

    🥰 beautiful xx

  2. LOL I love that you have a blueberry picking outfit. 🙂 I miss our woods full of wild blueberries. I wonder if the new owners would notice if I went back to the house & wandered through their woods.
    Wow! That water looks so refreshing!

    • Gemma Evans

      The fact that is was accidental makes it even better! Hopefully you will across a new patch and can pick as many as you like, supermarket varieties just aren’t the same 🙂

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