Pink glass bauble

Vintage Baubles

December 1st means one thing. The Christmas tree goes up and the decorations come out! Whoppeeee! At the beginning of the year we were gifted a box of vintage Christmas decorations and inside were these 1950’s glass baubles. I absolutely love them! The colours, the shapes, chipped paint… everything. Here are my favourites from the set.

Collection of vintage baubles

Pink and silver glass bauble

Blue red and silver glass bauble

Green and silver glass bauble

Multicoloured vintage bauble

Electric blue glass bauble

Silver and orange glass bauble

Red, green and silver glass bauble

At about 60 years old, they are very fragile. The bauble itself is glass and the fixing at the top is metal. Most of the decorations for sale now are made from plastic and I doubt they’ll look anywhere near as good in 60 years time. Last year we had a big tree and were short of things to hang on it so we bought a tube of plastic red and gold baubles. They do the job but our plan is to slowly build up a collection of sentimental decorations over the years. I hope we’ll still be hanging these on our Christmas tree when we’re old and crinkly. Fingers crossed they last that long and I don’t accidentally sit on the box during the chaos of unpacking the decorations.

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6 comments on “Vintage Baubles

  1. Beautiful, the old ones are the best! My mum has some of the same, only a few still survive because they are so fragile.

  2. Ooo I have some exactly the same as this! They always need such delicate wrapping up at the end of Christmas but I love the fact that they are so delicate and have lasted so long already. I always end up wishing that they could talk to us to tell us the things they have seen round the trees over the years!

    • Delicate unwrapping makes getting the decorations out more exciting I think. I bet they’d have some stories to tell! Although I’m pretty sure ours have never seen a drunk person in Christmas pants clutching an empty bottle of gin…

  3. They are beautiful!

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