Boat deck at sunrise

Visby, Story 4

The alarm went off at 5:45am; not even the seagulls were up that early. We got dressed, collected our “breakfast to go” prepared by the hotel and said goodbye to Visby. There are only a couple of journeys per day, so the ferry terminal was busy even at that time.

Orange strip in sky
Visby soluppgång

It was freezing but we went straight up on deck to catch the sunrise and fill our lungs with sea air. We had plenty of layers to wear and managed to find a seated area out of the wind — which is also where we ate breakfast further out to sea.

Orange and pink sky

Boat in sunrise

Pink sky over boat trails

Pink and purple sunrise over the sea

Sun rising over ocean

Boat deck at sunrise

Then the light got a bit Wes Anderson…

Warm light on boat deck

Sun on man's face
Soaking up the sun

Pink sky

It has been a while since I made any videos and a trip to Visby seemed like the perfect opportunity to get back into it again. Time to learn how to use some new software and a newer GoPro. Here is my short video about Visby and its wild coastline…

We laughed at ourselves because after immitating big waves like a pair of kids, we realised the crew were probably watching us from behind the reflective window we were sat next to. Hopefully they got as much entertainment out of it as we did.

Hope you enjoyed this series. If you’ve just landed on this post, you might also fancy a look at story 1, story 2 and story 3.

6 comments on “Visby, Story 4

  1. Ah I especially love the video Gemma!

  2. That video is ace – excellent skills Gemma

  3. Love the video even got the funky yellow bath featuring, excellent, not sure about the wet feet though as I should think it was very cold. xx

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