Ruins at the end of a road

Visby: On Land

Visby is always calling me back. I love the Baltic air and Gotland’s wild coastline; this island really has a hold over me. There’s no real story behind this post, other than the fact I recently visited and saw lots of beautiful things! I’m really just here to show you some of the details that make Visby what it is.

View of buildings through curtains
God morgon / good morning

This was the view from a window next to my bed. I opened the nets in the morning and laid looking at the rooftops until my tummy started rumbling (which wasn’t very long). Clear blue skies at this time of year, three days in a row, felt extremely lucky.

Ruins at the end of a road

Blue door in pink building

I love old doors, especially ones like this with contrasting paint colours.

Feather door handle

View of sea over wall
Visby stadsmur (Kärleksporten) / Visby City Wall

The view over Visby’s medieval defence wall — anything within the wall is referred to as the inner town. There are several levels connected by wooden staires and you can peer through to the sea.

Ram shaped door handle
Ram door knocker
Ornate metal letterbox
Bref / Mail
Metal letterbox
Breflåda / mailbox

Small colourful house

Visiting off season meant I felt like I had the place to myself. In fact, we’ve only ever visited outside of Summer so I’d love to go back and swim in the sea at some point (from these jetties). Although I expect it’ll still be absolutely freezing given the location.

Orange glow on building
Solnedgång / sunset

Square window with leading

Tall doorway and steps

This doorway was ridiculously tall! I had to squash myself into the opposite wall to fit the whole thing in and be able to see what I was taking a photo of. I probably looked a bit strange from the other side.

Stone ram with horns
Stone ram
Building with stepped edges
Trappstegsgavlar / stepped gables
Rooftops and the sea
Visby rooftops

Small white houses

Most of the houses lining old cobbled roads have little courtyards at the back. Some people used them for bin and car storage, others had planted small gardens.

Blue door on yellow building

Adding the postcard I recently wrote as homework for my Swedish course:

Hej hej från Visby på Gotland! Det är kallt och himlen är blå. Jag promenerad på stranden, hittade fossiler och åt saffransskorpor. Jag köpte te, en klänning, alkoholfri öl, bivaxljus och ett vykort. Hotellet är jättebra.

Puss puss, Gemma.

And that concludes my micro tour of Visby! I’ve also shared some coastal photos too.

Travel notes

The journey from central Stockholm to Visby harbour takes around 5 hours:

  • Take train 42X or 43 to Nynäshamn
  • Walk ~5 mins to Nynäshamn ferry terminal
  • The Destination Gotland ferry takes 3.5 hours

2 comments on “Visby: On Land

  1. I’d forgotten how pretty Visby is, and your photos use the light beautifully. I need to figure out how to make it there in off-season.

    • Gemma Evans

      Thanks Hannah! I really like going either side of Summer because the light is so dramatic and changeable. It alternates between “the end is nigh” and a beautiful day.

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