Under water view

Wild Swimming on Långholmen

The heat has been relentless over the past week and I’ve found myself fantasising about outdoor swimming; something I haven’t done since visiting Solviksbadet in 2018.

We sussed out Långholmen as a possible swim spot one evening and the island was packed, which isn’t great when you’re trying to avoid people in a pandemic. But it was perfect apart from that! We decided going early was the only way to dodge the crowds — convenient because a lack of darkness means we are waking up between 4am and 5am most days (eugh). And I should add, struggling to fall asleep before midnight.

Electric scooter
Electric scooter

We slept in until 6am this morning and rather than toss and turn for a few hours, we hopped on some electric scooters to Långholmsbadet. The sun felt scorching even at 6:45am!

Painted building
Sleeping geese

Deserted beach, blue skies, sand and sleeping geese. The fact that no-one else could see us floundering around was a very British bonus.

Sandy beach
Let sleeping geese lie
Tree lined water

Rock on water

The air and sand may have been warm but the water was ice cold! Submerging my waist took my breath away — always the worst bit.

Woman standing in water
Working my way up to the waist

And then quickly dipping my top half in resulted in the best and worst photo rolled into one! Too funny not to share.

Waist deep in water

Under water view

Once I’d acclimatised, the water felt glorious. It was lovely and clean too. Just what I needed after a week of feeling permanently overheated. Cold water always helps my muscles feel relaxed… once I’ve recovered from the initial shock anyway.

View of sandy shore
Tiny Scott on Långholmsbadet (from the GoPro)

Then it was Scott’s turn. He just ploughs his way through the water, no messing around. I sat and munched on some buttered rye and apple rings while he swam.

Man wading in water

Woman swimming
From the GoPro
Litter and sleeping geese
Litter on Långholmsbadet

Långholmen was really busy the night before and unfortunately, many people just left their litter on the floor rather than putting it in a bin. The sight of these geese sleeping with discarded bottles and a carrier bag weighed down with a rock made me really sad. Total disrespect for nature and other people’s enjoyment of the area.

Pink rose petals
Wild roses on Långholmen

The sun grew hotter and the beach became busier, which was our cue to go home. I stupidly forgot to pack pants so I ended up scootering home commando in a skirt, being extra careful not to fall off. Next time… pants.

Wild swimming makes me feel so free. I’m looking forward to many more outdoor swims over the next few weeks if we can continue dodging the crowds. Fingers crossed!

2 comments on “Wild Swimming on Långholmen

  1. This sounds so perfect! I love wild swimming too but don’t think I have really done it since I was a kid.
    I’m so happy you guys are loving life over there! Xxx

    • Gemma Evans

      Thank you Katie ❤️ Same… I can’t think of the last time I did it in the UK (probably also when I was a kid)! Would love to take you guys to a spot like this one day. xxx

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