Dry stone wall

Around Edale (Peak District)

Edale was such a beautiful place, I had to share a few more photos from my visit. I realised they’ll just sit on my laptop if I don’t share them here and that seems a real shame.

Yellow stone cottage

Figures in the dark

This photo may not be the best quality but it is one of my favourites. Four of us crept out of the bunkhouse at 6:30am to see the sun rise. Heavy cloud foiled that plan but we enjoyed our mini adventure all the same.

Orange grass and cloud on the horizon

Moss covered wall stones

View over green hills

Person looking out over hills

Figure against green landscape

Gate with hills in the background

I love this light. I took quite a few photos of it creeping over the landscape so I wrote a separate post.

House nestled in hills

Cows in field

Bright yellow moss

I couldn’t resist a photo of the light shining on these moss tips. This photo was taken on a guided mindfulness walk and when it started, I didn’t think I was a very mindful person. But I came to realise that tuning into tiny details like this is a form of mindfulness in itself.

Dry stone wall

Closeup of icy grass blades in the sun

Mam Tor at sunrise was worth getting out of bed early for and a sight I will never forget. There are a few more photos in this post if you fancy a look.

Plants in front of cottage

I visited Edale for the Creative Countryside Winter Gathering. The location was stunning and it was so nice to spend time with likeminded people. Those who appreciate bleak weather, being outdoors and slow evenings. Happy days.

People walking along lane

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  1. Gorgeous photos! Absolutely gorgeous!

  2. This looks lovely! It’s definitely going on my list 🙂

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