Boy stepping into water

Around Stockholm, November 2020

November bought mostly city time. A combination of us continuing to avoid public transport where possible and just feeling the need to rest. We’ve taken advantage of weekend rain giving us permission to stay cosy at home. This month also delivered the first snow flurries — they were short lived but nice nonetheless.

People spaced out at crossing
Socially distanced crossing
Tiny door on step
Tiny door, Gamla Stan
Man with kids in cargo bike
Cargobike life

I love these cargobikes! We’d love to get one someday… and not just so we can take it in turns to wheel eachother around the city. There would be practical uses too like food shopping, IKEA runs and… okay, mostly so we can wheel eachother around.

"You're fired" newspaper cover with Trump
“You’re fired!” – Trump loses the US election

View of buildings

Brand silhouette on building

Tree by the water's edge
Boy stepping into water
Winter wild swimmers

Wild swimmers are still out with a smile in November. I’d like to try a Winter swim at some point, although our Summer swims were pretty cold so perhaps I was closer to the experience than I first realised.

Lit toothpaste sign
Stomatol toothpaste
View through concrete pillars
Kungsholmen skate park
"Girls just wanna have fundamental rights" banner
Polish women’s rights demonstration, Stockholm

We passed through Riksdag one evening and stumbled upon the end of a demonstration in support of women’s rights in Poland. There was a small sign with Swedish and Polish flags that said “In Solidarity with Polish Women”.

Abortion rights signs
Polish women’s rights demonstration, Stockholm
"May the choice with you" sign
Polish women’s rights demonstration, Stockholm

Plant silhouette through window

Seagulls at ground level
Seagull party
People walking lots of dogs
Dog walkers
Mask on the ground
Covid-19 face mask litter
Sun through train windows
SL train at sunset

Old lady wearing face mask

Taken on the day we really had to get on a train. We weren’t the only people wearing masks though. Far more people are wearing them compared to just a few weeks ago, even though masks are not mandatory or even encouraged by health authorities in Sweden.

Towers at night
Man climbing rock in harness
City climbers

Man sat in barber chair

Tower blocks reflected in water

I’ve documented Stockholm every month since April and it’s nice to look back at how much has changed since then. Wild swimming, outdoor meals and hot hikes through the forest feel so far behind us already. I’m going to continue my monthly city project into 2021 and see where it takes me though. See you again in December!

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