Red wooden buildings

Snippets from Svolvær

A few snippets from Svolvær. As with my other my other snippets, they are a collection of photos that don’t really belong in a particular post but hold nice memories. I’ve been sitting on these for a while because I didn’t finish sorting through them until Summer (yikes), so I waited for Winter to arrive before sharing.

Fishing yard

Snowy street
The perfect street!

Minion tyresGabba gabba!

We found these tyre Minions in a stockfish yard. Completely unexpected find.

Old ice skates
Vintage ice skates

Our mountain adventures were abandoned due to avalanches — someone had died the day before and the risk of more was still high. We just followed some of the lower trails in the end, which is where I photographed these ice skates. We met an elderly Norwegian man who said he had visited London many times to see Spurs play and the cabin he lived in was built as a hiding place in WW2.

Church lit up at night
Svolvær Church at blue hour
Bowl of fish stew
Bacalao (cod casserole)

This bowl of goodness is called bacalao — also known as clipfish casserole. Clipfish is fresh cod that has been salted and hung to dry on frames. We must have worked up an appetite on our walk that day because we ordered hot chocolate, main meals, a side of chips to share and puddings! All eaten from the comfort of armchairs overlooking snow covered mountains.

Cinnamon bun outside
Cinnamon bun and hot chocolate
Me at sunsett
Sunset in Lofoten

This photo was taken on the evening we stumbled upon a random jut of land with a perfect view of the sunset.

Deep snow at door
Deep snow at blue hour

Brown fluffy cat

The friendliest (and fluffiest) cat in Svolvær. It schmoozled my legs and hands to get more attention every time I backed away, then followed us all the way up the road.

By this point, we had been wearing ice grippers for three out of the four weeks we spent in Norway. The first week without them was hilarious but they made getting around so much easier. The one time I took them off, I fell over on the ice and lost my backpack light. Fail.

Ice grippers on shoes
Ice grippers
Deep snow at gate
Deep snow
Red wooden buildings
Svolvær church

Red huts on water

Norway photos have been framed and hung on our office wall as a reminder of the amazing sights we’ve seen. I miss proper Winter weather though — I didn’t once wish for warmer days while we were there. Fingers crossed we get some snow in the UK this year or I’ll have to go back to Noway 🙂 Good job I still have my ice grippers.

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  1. Great post and photos! The cat is also so adorable💕. Thanks for sharing☺️

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