Group of colourful wooden houses

Bohusleden: Day 1

Route: Stockholm to Bohus (Västra Götalands) via Göteborg

I’m usually a little slow out of bed when my alarm goes off in the morning. One exception is when adventure lays ahead. Eight days hiking the Bohusleden trail, this time.

Just before we left, Scott Googled the trail and my blog came up in the search results — the fact we’d already walked a small portion of this trail back in 2019, had completely slipped our minds!! So it was nice to continue the adventure a few years later.

Backpack with magazine on top

The journey to Bohus was straightforward; a train from Stockholm to Göteborg, then another from Göteborg to Bohus. We picked up a bag of food at Stockholm T-Central and both managed to get breakfast on our t-shirts within 15 minutes of boarding the train — the same t-shirts that would be our fresher clothes for wearing to bed in the evenings. Oops.

Large backpacks on train seats

Man walking along bridge path

Our walk from the station took us over Jordfallsbron, which was also part of the Bohusleden trail.

Trail name on lamp post
Bohusleden trail marker
View over waterway from bridge

We booked a night in Hotell Fars Hatt because we arrived late afternoon and wanted to recharge before starting the hike. It was a couple of kilometers walk from the train station, which was a good opportunity for our bodies to adjust to carrying extra weight.

Wood clad hotel

The hotel itself was pretty poor (the shower pressure was the only saving grace) but it was conveniently located just a few minutes walk from the trail. We ended up nicknaming it Hotel Arse Hat in an attempt to diffuse our disappointment with comedy. And to be honest, we didn’t mind a basic hotel, we just weren’t expecting it to be run down and grubby.

Group of colourful wooden houses

Wood clab church
Kungälvs Kyrka, Bohus

We explored Bohus for a while and despite intending to have a rest day, ended up walking 20,000 steps!

Sign on bus stop
Kexbageriet busshållplats

Kexbageriet means the biscuit bakery. The bus stop was named after a nearby biscuit factory called Göteborgs Kex, that operated for 134 years before closing in 2022.

Modern buildings and carpark

We explored the town for a while; not all of it was quaint wooden houses. The area above had a big ICA and we called in for a sweet snack, couldn’t find our way out of the supermarket and laughed that we would be navigating wilderness the next day.

Old wooden house

Street lined with wooden houses

The condition of the hotel made us all the more eager to get going the next morning. Our bags were packed and we were ready to roll! Read day 2

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