Loafing around Gothenburg

I finally got around to making a Gothenburg video. Hooray! Life dealt us a bad hand before this trip. We weren’t sure whether we’d still be able to go and as a result, had done zero planning in the lead up. So stepping off the plane in Gothenburg was a huge relief. It was pouring with rain but we didn’t care. We had made it back to beautiful Sweden!

I nestled into my PJs and dressing gown after checking in to the hotel. Feeling too tired to do much, we ordered dinner to our room, watched some TV and repeated Swedish words like a pair of parrots. Bliss.

Pool clips are from Upper House. I mentioned I’m not usually that fussed about spas in my snippets post but this one is fantastic. The bubbling glass pool juts out the side of the building, 20 storeys in the open air. Watching traffic move underneath you while swimming is quite surreal. They also have a snack bar and ice bath!

I’ve written posts about two hikes — Stora Delsjön and the Bohusleden trail. We did a couple of shorter ones but annoyingly, I’ve forgotten most of the details because I didn’t document them quickly enough.

Our trips to Sweden are really adding up now; I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of visiting. We’ve spent lots of time in Stockholm, a few days in Dalarna and briefly visited Malmo and Gothenburg in the past. I’m really glad we chose to spend more time in Gotheburg though, it’s a great city with lots going on. Id’ like to go back in the Summer and make more use of the electric scooter hire.

Leaving Sweden always makes me feel achy inside and I’m already looking forward to going back again, even though we don’t have any new trips planned yet. Going to need a fika fix sooner or later!

Update: Scott has also made a video of our trip…

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