Grey ribbed scarf

Knitted Fisherman’s Rib Scarf

I’ve made a few Christmas presents for people this year but this mens scarf is the only one I can reveal at the moment. Scott and I braved the cold to snap a few photos before it went in the post.

This scarf is knitted in Fisherman’s Rib. It’s quite similar in appearance to standard rib (K1, P1) and the only difference in technique is that instead of knitting a regular knit stitch, you knit into the stitch below. The beauty of this technique is the texture. It creates lovely thick, warm squishy garments. What more could you want from a scarf?

Man wearing a knitted grey rib scarf

Rear view of grey scarf

You can see the squishy 3D texture a little better in this photo.

Closeup of rib texture

Man wearing grey ribbed scarf

I cast on 31 stitches (multiple of 2, plus 3) and worked 600 rows, clocking up to 18,600 stitches! Most of this scarf was knitted in front of the Walking Dead and Homeland. Knit 1, purl 1 is slow work but tense TV does wonders for knitting speed. I worked a few inches per episode and the whole thing came together quick than I thought it would.

I followed a great Fisherman’s Rib tutorial by Very Pink Knits to get me started. It’s pretty easy and if you know how to knit and purl you will be able to work this technique. The only thing I found a bit of a faff was picking up rows after ripping back a mistake. I’d recommend running a spare piece of wool through your stitches every so often to act as a lifeline – if you do need to rip back you can just slip the stitches off the yarn and they won’t get twisted up.

I love this stitch so much I’m thinking about making myself a super chunky Fisherman’s Rib scarf for wearing in this chilly weather.

Project notes

  • Pattern: Fisherman’s Rib
  • Wool: Sirdar Hayfield Bonus Chunky
  • Wool colour: Starling (987)
  • Balls: 3 with a little leftover
  • Knitting needles: 4mm

Thanks to Scott for being my model and standing in the freezing cold in a thin jumper (I’m not totally horrid, he chose not to wear a coat) whilst I took photos of him. Poor man.

7 comments on “Knitted Fisherman’s Rib Scarf

  1. I love your scarf, it does look wonderfully squishy and I am guessing the recipient of it will be really grateful to have it in the upcoming weather forecast for your side of the world 🙂

    • I hope so. If the weather turns out to be as bad as people say it will, I’ll probably regret posting it 🙂

  2. absolutely perfect, practical, and pretty gift!!!!

  3. I love that texture! What a great scarf!

  4. I don’t knit but somehow at the moment I seem to be knitting a scarf for my son as he wants a red one! It’s only garter stitch but now I’m looking at this thinking, “Possibly next?”!

    • That’s good to hear. Garter stitch still makes you a knitter 🙂 This is a great pattern, if you end up giving it a go, send me a pic!

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