Sunset over mountains

Life Lately: July 2017

Box of lemons
Sorrento lemons

I’m starting this post with my new favourite photo — these lemons! July has been another month of travel; a trip together and a solo trip for Scott. This month in particular, I’ve appreciated all the small things I love about home.


Skillet rolls topped with cheese, garlic butter and parsley. I haven’t been baking much bread over the last few months but I’m going to try and get back on it, especially now Summer is waning.

Fluffy white rolls in pan
Skillet rolls

This is the best pasta sauce on the planet. We were in Italy for a wedding and got together at our friend’s apartment for dinner. The owner had dropped off a pile of juicy homegrown tomatoes and onions from the garden below. I spent the evening cooking pasta and sauce with my lovely friend Hannah.

Tomato sauce in pan
Homemade pasta sauce
People cooking on hob
All hands on deck

This was the view from our kitchen window. Who would have thought cooking pasta sauce could bring so much happiness — perhaps it was all the wine we drank in those two hours.



Earlier in the month, two of our close friends exchanged vows underneath this floral arch.

Pink, white and yellow roses
Cloisters, Sorrento

The ceremony was followed by a meal and party at a farm house nestled in the hills. It was beautiful up there and the farm even had its own lemon grove. You know how I usually obsess over taking photos of one thing in particular on holiday? Well, in Sorrento it was lemons. I have some nice photos from our trip but these are just a couple of my favourites. Sorrento definitely wins the prize for the most dramatic sunset I’ve ever seen.

Sunset over mountains
Sorrento sunset

Another sunset while flying home from Naples at 37,000ft.

Purple and pink sky
Flying home from Naples

Scott visited Scotland for a work trip so I kept myself amused on a solo mission to the forest. I love it up there, although the walk is nicer when there is someone to share it with. On the plus side, more chocolate for me…

Shaded forest trail
Forest trail
Birds nest on bench
Birds nest lined with sheep fleece

I stumbled across this birds nest in the road on the way there. I didn’t have the motivation to go out that day but I’m glad I did because otherwise I wouldn’t have seen it.


Raindrops on stem

My avocado plant is growing fast. Two weeks ago these leaves were only about 15mm long, now look at the size of them. Another 4 stones have sprouted in the kitchen which will give me some backup plants in case anything goes wrong with this one.

Avocado plant leaves in the sun

Blueberries on linen cloth

We’ve managed to harvest a few blueberries. The plants weren’t netted and I thought the birds would steal a few but they’ve nearly stripped it bare. This blackbird is one the culprits. His fledgling comes crashing into the bushes and bumbles around until it has a full belly. I don’t really mind too much; we’ve had a few for ourselves too.

Blackbird stealing blueberries

That’s all for July!

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