Christmas tree lights

Limmy IV

One of the best days of the year finally arrived… buying a Christmas tree! We went to the same tree shop as usual but sadly it’s no longer run by the Forestry Commission. Still, there were lots of nice trees to choose from and they were grown in the UK. This years tree is Limmy IV (following on from Limmy III and earlier Limmys I never documented).

Christmas tree tips

Rows of Christmas trees

Me with Christmas tree
A goofy tree photo is tradition!

Thanks to my wisdom teeth, I’d only had 1.5 hours of sleep the night before, so I was a fraction less bouncy about the whole thing than last year. But only just!

Assortment of ornaments

Christmas tree lights

Christmas tree lights

Colourful ornaments in box

Lady in red coat ornament
Decoration from Skansen

Man decorating tree

Bowls of nuts and satsumas

I love having nuts, satsumas and chocolates on the coffee table in December! It’s the only time of year I buy nuts in shells. Cracking them without obliterating the nut inside is hard though — and I’ll be finding shell fragments all over the living room for the next four weeks.

Blurre yellow lights

Christmas tree with lights

Numbered candle

I suggested we try an advent candle instead of chocolate this year. Laughable now I’m looking back. We have chocolate too!

2 comments on “Limmy IV

  1. Beautiful tree, the ball balls bring back lots of memories of my Nan it’s lovely to see them with a new generation of our family being enjoyed at this festive time of year. 🎄🎁❤️X

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