Buildings in blue light

Snippets from Svolvær… revisited

I’ve spent the last few days dreaming of far away places, Svolvær in Loften being one of them. And as it turns out, there are lots of photos I never shared from that trip…

Red wooden buildigs

Wooden buildings on water

The bridge behind the wooden fishing warehouses lead the way to the stockfish frames across the shore. We ended up walking over there a few times but the sunset views were epic… and we were overly curious about the fish heads.

Pink and blue sky

Someone was drying their own supply of cod at home…

Cod hanging off roof

Snowman with extras

^ This was not my work.

Ice warning sign
Thin ice warning
Snow covered mountains

Orange cloud over mountain

Mountains in every direction is one the reasons I love Svolvær so much. And their appearence is always changing — I’ve never seen orange cloud quite like this before.

Wooden frames in the sunset
Stockfish frames at sunset
Church at blue hour
Svolvær church at blue hour
Snow covered road
Svolvær at blue hour
Buildings in blue light
Svolvær at blue hour
Grey snowy skies
Snow storm
White church and blue sky
Simple but beautiful church
Wooden cabins in Svolvær

Snow covered mountains

I fell completely in love with Lofoten, it was absolute magic. If you enjoyed these photos, you might like my other Lofoten posts too. There are mountains, sunset, snow and more mountains!

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