Orange clouds on blue sky

New York, Part 1

I last visited New York in 2008 and it boggles my mind to think that trip was 14 years ago! This time, I was visiting for work and managed to snap some photos here and there. A few days exploring the city with my camera would have been perfect, but that’s another trip for another time. Here’s what I managed to capture this time around…

Orange clouds on blue sky

NY billboards

Revisiting New York made me realise what a quiet city Stockholm is in comparison. NY has taller buildings, more billboards, more people, more traffic and generally more of everything! Including horn honking… so much honking… all the time.

People crossing the road

Decorative archway
Washington Square arch
People with parasol
Cooling down at Washington Square

Quite a few people were cooling off in the fountain at Washington Square Park. I stood here and realised I was looking at the arch from the beginning of When Harry Met Sally — a film I first watched on this latest flight to New York because it’s a classic I’d never seen. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of the whole arch!

Group of women dancing

Jars of weed
Not that kind of flower shop
Overturn Roe sticker
“Overturn Roe? Hell no!”

Beagle drawing

Man sat at hotdog cart
Hotdog cart
Calvin Klein billboard
Giant CK ad
People sitting on bus
Bus tour

Did a bus tour… and still hate bus tours. They’re very focused on the sky and I’m more interested in what’s happening at pavement level. We actually planned to walk around the city but for various reasons, the bus was the better option this time around.

Woman standing at crossing

Man sleeping on the street

I worried about this man sleeping in full sun at the side of the road, on a day when the National Weather Service had issued a heat warning. There was another man who played on my mind that week. He was very thin and pale, laying motionless on the pavement and missing one shoe. I considered going back to check whether he had moved at all (he really looked that awful) but I couldn’t remember which street I’d seen him on. My heart felt heavy about the amount of homeless people and those who looked like they needed help with basic things like clean clothes.

Mist hanging over building

Dog with bow on head
Pink pooch

I’d love to know what the dog thought about this very pink situation!

Religious stone figures

Love is Love poster
“Love is love”
Fuck the School to Prison Pipeline
“Fuck the school to prison pipeline”
People playing chess
Outdoor chess
Self care is not selfish
“Self care is not selfish”

Job ad on van

Faces painted on building

More photos in part 2.

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