Tall fairground ride

Life lately on film, October 2019

Life Lately films generally sit in my camera for weeks on end. But that’s also why I get extra excited when the negatives land on the doormat — they document small events I may have already forgotten about. These photos are a mix from home, places near home, Wales and London.

View down street
The day everyone got their coats out
Plane flying over carpark
Plane spotting

My FIL was the plane spotter while I got my camera ready — team work 🙂

Steaming tea

The temperature is finally cold enough to drink tea again. Pukka Three Cinnamon is my current favourite and their Peace tea (hemp and peppermint) is in second place. The search for herbal teas that don’t taste like manky old pond water has stopped here! Oh and I’ve started making turmeric milk again too (with cardamom).

Boy in playhouse
King of the castle
Pulled up trousers showing socks
Star Wars socks

Misty window at Wilde Lodge

Tinkering with cameras
Tinkering with our cameras in bed
Tree lined road
Wilde Lodge

Rickety old barn

Illustrations on table

^ Hopefully the start of something great. I tried to start sketching again on a few occasions but nothing clicked into place. I thought that part of me had died, which left me feeling quite empty at times. Three years after leaving my creative days behind, my hands and brain started working together again.

Skate area in London
Southbank skate space

I like to peer into Southbank Skate Space when I’m at Waterloo. It’s a famous skate venue dating back to the 70’s that was saved from redevelopment (shops and restaurants) by LLSB. Victory for the people!! It’s usually a busy spot but I was in London early and it was deserted.

Morty graffiti
Rick (Southbank skate space)
Brexit graffiti
Fuck Brexit, Fuck Boris (Southbank skate space)

London street

Tunnel lined with lights

And a few photos of London at dusk…

Car parked on road
Figaro <3
Path and lights along the river
Misty view over city
View from the Golden Jubilee Bridge
Tall fairground ride
Fairground at Southbank

Me in Dungarees

Dog sat on wall
Doggy brunch

Pile of pumpkins

Now to load another roll of film and do it all over again 🙂

3 comments on “Life lately on film, October 2019

  1. Amazing photos! Tri-x pushed a couple of stops. Am I right? It could be HP5 also.

    • Gemma Evans

      Thanks Fotis and you’re almost right 🙂 Tri-X 400 and Ilford Delta 400 — no pushing, I used a low aperature and lowered the shutter speed for the dusk shots.

      • I’m always afraid of lowering the shutter speed. I tend to get blurry shots. So, I crank up the ISO 😀

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