Wooden outbuilding

A weekend in Wales

A few black and white photos from my trip to Wales last month. My friend Annie and I headed to an amazing 19th century lodge called Wilde Lodge, tucked away in the hills of Knighton (Pwys). Here’s what we got up to…

Tree lined road
The road to Wilde Lodge
Old house
Wilde Lodge
Tinkering with cameras
Tinkering with our cameras in bed
Trees in the mist
Morning fog on the hills

We woke up early to some amazing views of fog hanging over the hills. It didn’t stay for long so I’m glad I took a few photos out of the bedroom window before heading out.

Misty window
I’m a sucker for a misty window
Rickety old barn
Rickety old barns

Wooden outbuilding

Old window frame

Women standing in field
Me and Annie

I ended up taking an accidental triple exposure shot of my crotch before I remembered how the self timer on the Lubitel worked! Fourth time lucky and matching hands on knees not planned.

Mushrooms on grass

Long table with chairs

Places set for an illustration workshop. I would love to be sat back at this table again with nothing else to focus on, other than what my hands were doing. I’ve been working on some illustrations at home but there’s always something else I could be doing like tidying up or ticking things off the to-do list.

Illustrations on table

Woman drawing at table

People sat at table

Old lodge in the countryside

Old bus on motorway
Old bus on the motorway, on the journey home

The Welsh countryside is so beautiful! Especially in less than perfect weather.

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