Tanned legs hanging out of window

Around Stockholm, May 2023

May was a burst of heat, t-shirts and Birkenstocks, cherry blossom, boats moving back to the water, bright green leaves, the return of pop-up fruit stands and outdoor dining.

Spring rattled past very quickly this year, especially considering there was still snow on the ground in early April, and we’d already hit Summery temperatures at the beginning of May! After looking back at May posts from previous years, this one has definitely been warmer.

Looking up at cherry blossom branches

May is always a period of photographic adjustment for me. I tick along in a low light rhythm for several months and then boom… the sun is blazing and everything is hyper colourful. Even my eyes struggle to adjust. It’s a welcome change but the mental shift from mostly black and white photos, to colour, is not instant. And that usually means I take fewer photos. Once I’m drunk on sunshine and vitamin D, the shift is complete.

Cherry blossom petals in the air
Körsbärsblom (Luma)

The cherry blossom trees put on a good show; they faded as fast as they bloomed though. Snow cannons caused quite a bit of tree damage back in November and there were so many broken branches, I wasn’t sure how good the canopy would be. I’m pleased to report it was better than expected.

Closeup of cherry blossom flowers
Closeup of written bun names

Man knitting in a café

Lady sat at outdoor table
Fika på Gamla Stan
Metal hummingbird
Gamla Stan
People walking under large tree
Gamla Stan
View of ornate rooftop through the trees
Södermalm tak
Loppis tables
Fruit stand in the street

Always happy to see the fruit stands reappear. They sell fantastic fruit and Swedish asparagus, when the time comes! There’s also a brief period when alphonso mangoes are sold, which is always exciting because they’re hard to find here.

People sitting in the sun
Sommar på Södermalm

People filling all of the sun soaked spaces. I don’t know why the kommun laid fake grass here, it’s awful stuff. It’s also not something that compliments the Nordic sustainability mindset. Real grass would have been better because people still sit on it when it eventually dies in the heat. Anyway, you can probably tell I hate fake grass with a passion.

Outdoor dining area with bunting
Sommar på Södermalm
Tanned legs hanging out of window

An inventive tanning solution from someone who doesn’t have a balcony!

Closeup of lilac flowers

Stockholm has lots of lilac trees, especially along the water; it’s one of my favourite smells. I can be a bit of a slow walking companion at this time of year because I like to stop and smell them all (even though they all smell the same).

Man wearing cycling helmet
Stockholm cyklist

Me and Scott spent more time cruising around on our bikes. It’s the best way to get around the city!

Traditional embroidered shawls

Box of ABBA vinyl

That’s all for May!

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