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Sweden in black and white

I’ve shared a few photos from Sweden but these are a little different because they were captured on film. We photographed Norway on film earlier in the year and it went well so I packed my trusty film camera for Sweden. These photos were taken in Stockholm and the Dalarna region and haven’t been edited (each thumbnail loads a larger version):

“Skansen” is one of my favourite photos from the film roll — I love how the laundry catches the sun. This place is on my list of Sweden adventures to write about.

“Urvillshällorna” was taken on our hike from Brätthäll to Älvravinerna. This photo doesn’t really do the landscape justice but there are some better photos here.

“Dinner in the city” was our dinner view one evening. We went to Shaka Shaka for poke bowls and tentatively sat outside under a dark rain cloud.

“Solviksbadet” is where I swam outdoors and filmed part of it.

“Clas Ohlson” is the odd photo out but we came to love this shop! Even if we didn’t need anything, we would still pop in to look gadgets and outdoors supplies when passing by.

“Gamla Stan” is a bit wonky but a nice photo nonetheless — not entirely sure how it ended up so one-sided to be honest. We captured the timelapse clouds for our Swedish adventures – part 3 video while eating burgers in this area.

“Djurås” was one of my favourite hikes in Dalarna even though we lost the trail and I dropped my lunch somewhere along the way (whyyyyyy!).

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